Claire Nelson

Writer and Sub-editor


ProfileClaire is a writer and sub-editor whose special interests are travel and food. She is currently the sub-editor for Jamie Oliver’s Jamie magazine, having worked as a freelance sub and writer for various publications, and been published in ELLE, Jamie Magazine, Red, and Trek & Mountain.

Claire has interviewed chefs and producers, eaten fermented shark in Iceland and been stranded by wayward camels in the Sahara. She is driven by her love of words and a constant curiosity to discover something new, while her spare time is spent embracing the outdoors, making a mess in the kitchen, and contemplating where in the world to go next.


Jamie Magazine / ELLE / Food and Travel / InStyle / Red /  Trek & Mountain / Filament magazine / Bluepost Digital Ltd / Domestic Sluttery / / Ethical Living Magazine / Amelia’s Magazine / / BitchBuzz / and more…

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