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London Was Never An Easy Gig For Kiwis

Op-ed piece written in response to I’m talented. I’m hard-working. I’m blonde. So why can’t I find a job in London? by¬†Alex Hazlehurst…

“Please don’t be fooled: there was never a gold-paved road for expat New Zealanders and anyone who tells you so is either misinformed, pulling your leg, or they got exceptionally lucky. London might be a difficult city to start a new life in, but trust me, it’s not out to get you. If anything it will tell you to pull your socks up, force you to go after what you want, make you stronger, better, and offer you mind-blowing experiences along the way. You could stay in New Zealand and steadily climb your chosen ladder, or you can come to London and throw yourself into the delicious uncertainty of possibility.”