Counter Culture

JAMIE MAGAZINE: “The locals, who live by the slogan ‘Keep Portland weird’, are a conglomerate of tribes: the hipsters, the hikers, the artists and – perhaps gathering most momentum – the foodies. This leafy metropolis has become THE place to eat – a culinary hotspot, thanks largely to its location in bountiful northern Oregon.”

Northern Bites

JAMIE MAGAZINE: “Hotel Budir is a perfect example of the fact that even in a country so extreme, there is opportunity. It’s about being creative with whatever is available. “We always try to think, what can we do that’s a little bit different?” Jóhannes explains. “What can we take and make our own?””

Top Of The Flocks

JAMIE MAGAZINE: “The plump birds strutting around the paddock when we visit are already 82 days old. They seem calm and contented, scratching in the grass, unrestricted by fences or pens – it’s the sort of poultry idyll you see illustrated on free-range egg carton labels.”

A Fresh Perspective

JAMIE MAGAZINE: “It was here, in a somewhat serendipitous turn, Jon and Jamie’s paths would cross again. “I went to St John Hotel last year and had the most incredible meal,” says Jamie, “I went to thank the chef and found this smiley, floppy haired, handsome chap. I felt like he knew me… but it…